April Soapbox

April 30, 2020
- Extracurriculars

Welcome to our April recap; a brief recount of the things we slacked about in between washing our hands in 04/2020.

When they make the movie about the heroic, former Navy Captain Brett Crozier, our casting bets are split between Bill Pullman and Ryan Gosling. We were also torn over Toosie Slide, but not baby Drake.

Speaking of beautiful creations, Dylan made a perfect focaccia and Austin made a bunch of playlists.

We hit week six of working remotely and social distancing. Naturally the Baker boys still looked for adventures. Drew got kicked off a beach in Malibu and Rick discovered new music from Blink 182.

We all learned our film and TV doppelgȁngers with this personality test, which made Nick worry we made ourselves vulnerable to Russian micro-targeting, which made Erin, a.k.a. Leslie Knope, recall all the Buzzfeed quizzes she took in 2013, feeling assured that the Russians already know everything.

Apparently so does Viggo Mortensen. Well, he peaks at seven, so almost.

What’s not almost really, really good but is fully really, really good is The Last Dance on ESPN, Dave on FX, and Sean Penn directing his CORE foundation to help with COVID-19 relief. We built that website, and seeing it helping fight the good fight makes us happy.