July Soapbox

July 31, 2020
- Extracurriculars

Welcome to our July recap; a scroll through some of the earthly and subterranean phenomenons we talked about in 07/2020.

It is the middle of summer and we are still social distancing. It sounds likely that we would have spent the month staying up all night searching for NEOWISE, avoiding Malibu’s sharks and YouTubing old Saturday Night Live sketches about fonts and yet, July was a busy month. A month spent pushing new websites live, shoutout Artclass and Biscuit, and celebrating a refreshed brand identity we helped helm for Virgin Hyperloop

July was also a peculiar month. A month filled with head-scratching headlines. A month lived with a brow raised quizzically and amusedly. There was the story about the inter-dimensional underwater base of extraterrestrial origin that has protected two Mexican gulf cities from hurricanes ever since 1966. And there was another controversial group making news, Canadians. They’ve been unsurprisingly compliant, wearing masks, and crushing the curve

Meanwhile, American children can’t go to school this fall, bears are swimming in lakes with their heads trapped in plastic containers, Moms are getting teargassed for peacefully protesting in Portland, and yet we are still criminally overpaying law enforcement and living under a Bluthian regime without a Michael or a Lindsay, or even a Maeby, to invoke any rationale. 

These days are pure weird. There are tuxedo-wearing cardboard cutouts sitting behind home base. In Croatia, you can AirBnB a batcave. Dior’s Autumn-Winter 2020-2021 Haute Couture show looked like the fourth Lord of the Rings. Coal has reached a tipping point. The only one to outsmart bitcoin hackers was Lil Nas X, and in a bizarre turn of events, Taylor Swift might have done Kanye a solid by stealing the spotlight with a surprise album drop on the day his album Donda: With Child was scheduled to be released.

By the way, did you hear the one about the Senate’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force?