August Soapbox

August 31, 2020
- Extracurriculars

Welcome to our August Soapbox; a recap of our DNC highlights and the other things we diverted our attention with during the summer heatwave of 08/2020.

We launched Metelus and celebrated Dormition of the Theotokos, we were moved by the oratory power of a real leader and inspired by the activism and courage that is coming to define a younger generation. And Cher, who is always doing the most.

We were not stoked on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air reboot but we did enjoy watching this short film of audio visual transmission made by our friend David Black.

The Blueprint came out on top when we debated the best Jay Z album, and 4:44 came in as a close second. It’s looking like we will stop going to Chateau Marmont but that’s okay because we will soon be busy watching Ren & Stimpy. Or tracking all the typos in the New York Times.

As content creators we have long championed the power in words, and The Bucks flexed theirs in a revolutionary way. These two also experienced a revolution.

But the realest moment of August came via LinkedIn. Since 1996, every.single.time. Dylan saw or ate or thought about yogurt, he had been absolutely riddled with confusion over the subtext of this classic line from Bio-Dome. Unable to endure the befuddling issue any longer, he messaged the movie’s writers, and tremendous resolve he did receive.

Hi Dylan, thanks for reaching out. To answer this 25 year yogurt line mystery, when we wrote the lines we were thinking something along the lines of “stirred” meant she was down to party (i.e. ready to have sex) “fruit at the bottom” meant she was more reserved and it might take two dates before she’d have sex with Doyle. But basically, we just wanted to have him say something that sounded silly and absurd. The idea was to have them both say lame, cheesy pickup lines that would fall totally flat with the scientists. We tried about ten different alternative lines there, but the yogurt line was the one that everyone liked. Let me know if you have more Bio-Dome questions – happy to put those demons to rest! lol!

Case closed.