September Soapbox

October 06, 2020
- Extracurriculars

Welcome to the September Soapbox with the off-the-charts AQI of 09/2020.

Just days before the annual California conflagration cast a thick sepia tone across Los Angeles, Rick summited Yosemite’s Half Dome. On cables. He followed the don’t look down technique, a practice he recommends.

September’s hot tip number two: how to cool a room temperature beer before happy hour starts in 10 minutes:

We launched Metelus and the website got a nice shoutout on The Best Designs. LA will soon have new streetlights, marking the first time in history that every neighborhood in Los Angeles will be furnished equally. The Bureau of Street Lighting refers to the county’s 220,000 streetlights, currently in over 400 designs, as the “furniture of the city.”

The truth is, you never know where inspiration will come from. Derek finds it in keyboards, Eliza finds it in New York, no one finds it in plastic.

Taylor’s dad sent her a picture of a brown bear outside his living room door in Woodstock, New York. That’s when Dylan served up September’s hot tip number three: cubs are inquisitive. He met one once, years ago at a house party in Hancock Park. Her name was Cheyenne and she spent the night eating marshmallows out of her trainer’s mouth.

Basically things have not been the same since we lost RBG. A trailblazer, an icon, a hero.

We’re trying to find respite within the words and creations of some other real ones. Shoutout to our client CORE, shoutout to muting mics, shoutout Clermont Lounge.