October Soapbox

October 29, 2020
- Extracurriculars

Welcome to our October Soapbox, containing the most thrilling days from Los Angeles during 10/2020.

October was a bit of a numbers game, and one predominantly tracked through an election countdown. But also…

One was the number of new hires we had. We welcomed Raffi Keklikian to the programming team.

Three-ish is the number of minutes it takes to complete a bespoke questionnaire we programmed and designed for Political Playlist, a customized newsletter introducing the next generation of politicians.

Six was the number of months Quibi lasted before shutting down, surprising no one here.

Seven became the number of world series titles won by our beloved Dodgers. GO BLUE!

Seven pounds twelve ounces was the weight of newborn baby boy Cassius Alan Trezevant Dies.

Fifteen was the anniversary celebrated by our friends at The Lift.

Seventeen is the number of championship titles now won by the Lakers.

Fifty-five was the number of vulnerabilities Apple hackers found during a paid hackathon, sponsored by Apple.

One hundred percent is the Rotten Tomatoes rating for The Donut King, a newly released documentary made by our friends at Logan Industry.

One hundred and forty four hours remain from the day this was written until election day, and the resurgence of hope we will feel if things go blue….priceless.