Introducing Funkhaus Office Hours

November 24, 2020
- Extracurriculars

Funkhaus Office House Program

We are excited to announce the launch of Funkhaus Office Hours, a new program developed to share our expertise with young professionals and up-and-coming talent.

Our intentions in launching this program are to (figuratively) open our doors to local communities, as well as create new opportunities to tap into emerging talent. We want to have real, engaging, and informative conversations with students, freelancers, and individuals who are interested in the things we do: running an agency, business development, design, technology, programming, and content marketing.

We want to be a connection for individuals seeking career advice, guidance, and best practices, and for those who may not have the resources to have an insightful conversation and get pointed in the right direction. It’s designed to be a casual discussion, inclusive and available no matter what school you went to or didn’t go to, which skills you’ve already mastered or are considering acquiring, or who your friend’s uncle is.

Funkhaus Office Hours is the type of opportunity we wish we had access to when we were younger and starting out in our careers. Working in creative fields can have copious inroads and twists and turns along the way, and we remember how the beginning can feel blurry and overwhelming. Throughout our almost decade in running an agency and working at the forefront of design, tech, and content, we have learned to appreciate that the way is an individual path and that its unique course is a story we value with each addition to our team. Also, as the world becomes increasingly connected, we believe there should be more opportunities to nurture talent coming from atypical backgrounds.

When ambition, passion, and curiosity are on the table, sometimes a great conversation can provide direction towards the next destination.

So how will this work? Sign-up here for 1.5 hour virtual consultations with individuals from our team. The online submission asks that you fill out a couple of questions that will inform us of who you are, where your interests lie, and where you are looking to grow. From there, we will assemble the right Funkhaus team members who will be the best fit to advise and guide you on your way.