November Soapbox

December 02, 2020

Welcome to our November Soapbox, a brief recap of the things Steve Kornacki did not track in 11/2020.

Even though election day fell on the third of the month, our November reflections are pretty dominated by memories of refreshing FiveThirtyEight and waiting on results from Maricopa County.

But of course other things happened too. This was an important discovery.

The websites we built for Biscuit and Political Playlist were mentioned on siteinspire, our friends and clients at Logan Industry released a fantastic and inspiring documentary called Donut King, and writing emails became an enjoyable, mellifluous art form with jazz keys.

person man indoor tie human face clothing suit smile older

Basically, upon hearing the news that the nightmare known as the Trump administration will officially end, the future has looked brighter and will hopefully be cleaner