Call Us Brand Therapists

We all have that friend that we flock to when seeking out no-nonsense advice. Funkhaus is that friend.

Call Us Brand Therapists

Thoughts July 29, 2019

We all have that friend that we flock to when seeking out no-nonsense advice. You know, the person that will give it to you straight, unearth truths you've been pushing out of sight, and turn a topic on its head in order to reach a conclusion that's sound and filled with reason.

Funkhaus is that friend.

Whether we're designing a website, revamping a brand identity, or defining an internal ethos, we always strive to be that voice in the room that pairs expert advice with unabashed honesty, never shying away from raising questions and putting forth ideas that may feel unexpected.

It's a mindset that drives much of what we do, particularly when it comes to the Content division's work in brand storytelling. We've waxed on about the importance of brand narrative and the pivotal exercise of finding your brand's voice—two modalities of messaging marked by a process that oftentimes sees us functioning as what we like to call brand therapists.

Therapists, you say? When brands come to us looking for guidance in strategically crafting the entirety of internal and external messaging, they're not only seeking out an expert, they're also looking for a cohort that can navigate the machinations that come with positioning a brand. There's a reason why brand storytelling is a difficult task when done internally. Everyone has opinions and specific ideas clouded in proximity. Nothing we do is self-serving; it's all for the betterment of a brand as a whole. This simple truth is what enables us to bypass departmental politics and differing objectives—something that only an external point of view can do.

We help clients work through some of the most important components that make up a successful brand by asking the tough questions, bringing our outside perspective, and navigating the many voices in the room with ease. Our version of brand therapy is both a process and solution. Brands come to us knowing they need an identity, voice, and defined set of values, but articulating it can be difficult. That's why we've developed a system not unlike therapy—we get every stakeholder in a room and ask questions that bring important brand factors to the surface. We're excavators searching for clues to decode and transform. From learning about a brand's origin story to discussing company culture and the many offshoots that come from it, we cast a wide net of investigative tools to pull out information, making our clients think long and hard about who they are and what they do.

What do you believe? Where do you want to be in five years' time? What makes up office lunch fodder?

We pose questions that could push anyone into an existential crisis. It's a process that's fun, insightful, and prime for self-reflection; but it's all about coming out on the other side with a renewed sense of direction and the tools needed to feel grounded in your brand.

When we get in the room with clients eager to define the who and what of their brand, we aren't just a trusted partner—we're a sounding board and creative confidant, cultivating an environment ripe for honest opinions and insights. We take identified truths and put them to paper, crafting a narrative and larger ethos that comes with both neutrality and expertise. We're the unbiased voice, viewing everything through a dual lens of strategic problem solving and brand objectivity.

Once we get back in the room and share our findings, we're usually met with a sigh of relief and a nod of agreement—it's the first step in an oftentimes challenging task, but through process and iterative rounds that function as a safety net, we work together to mold the right way.

Whether we're making bold recommendations rooted in the amalgam of truths from interviews or crafting copy that illuminates the layered elements of a company, we take talking points and turn them into powerful nodes of strategic storytelling that bolster company ethos and influence external communications through and through. And that's just the beginning of the story.

Ready to embark on some good old fashioned brand therapy? Let's chat.