February Soapbox

Reflecting on 02/2021, a busy month unofficially sponsored by Los Angeles Mobile Bartenders.

February Soapbox

Extracurriculars February 28, 2021

Welcome to the Soapbox representing 02/2021, the month unofficially sponsored by Los Angeles Mobile Bartenders.

The shortest month of the year and so much happened.

To clarify, our month wasn’t eventful because of the shorter month, it was just supercharged.

We launched a website for Greenpoint Pictures, and the site we built for ArtClass won a mobile excellence badge. And on that excellence tip, Super Bowl LV had a few really great commercials, but in our eyes the lack of diversity behind the camera scored the big game a big L.

During one of our virtual happy hours, Erin, our social media, Bravo, and pop music guru, confessed to an L suffered by the ergonomics of her mousepad. “I swam competitively for 16 years with no injuries,” she said, “but now I’m being taken out by working at a desk.” That’s how we discovered programmers are terribly familiar with wrist injuries, and hence filled with helpful tips:

  • Move your mousepad to the edge of your desk so that your wrist isn’t leaning on the desk.
  • Ice and stretch your wrist on and off
  • Buy this ergonomic mouse
  • Wear wrist pads

Protection is important, as emphasized in these funny Trojan commercials produced by our friends at The Lift.

You know who else could use protection? The Hollywood sign, and Mother Earth. Elon Musk is actually offering $100 million to anyone who can tackle carbon removal. We were having a brainstorm but then we got sidetracked trying to decipher Mr. Potatohead’s preferred identity.

Lastly, goodbye Jeff Bezos, goodbye Daft Punk, and so long Kimye. May we always remember you for that time when our Erin (same one ^) was studying abroad in Florence and while in a gelateria near Kim and Kanye’s wedding venue, producers from NBC’s Today filmed her for a wedding segment. We can’t find the footage, but it allegedly made it seem like Erin flew all the way from California to Italy just for the wedding, which she was not invited to.