Funkhaus Mad Libs with Drew Baker

Funkhaus Partner and Technical Director Drew Baker fills in the blanks on the last 10 years.

Funkhaus Mad Libs with Drew Baker

November 24, 2021

What’s up! My name is Drew BakerNoun and I am Technical DirectorJob Title at Funkhaus. It’s really exciting to be celebrating our 10 year anniversary, honoring the hard work, creativity, did I mention hard work?Noun, and good times we’ve had over the past decade. Especially 2021Year; it was my favorite year at Funkhaus because We finally got to scale where we can smooth out the ups and downs and still deliver on projects.Reason

The 2021 era of Funkhaus is certainly a testament to the talented people we surround ourselves with, and I love the flexibility we now have to be remote or in the officeReason. But arriving at this milestone is also a realization of how lucky we are to have the clients we haveReason.

It all started when we met working on a project for Caviar, which is crazy because we just did a new website for them after 10 years!place you first met I remember thinking, Wow! With Dave and Nick, we really can do anythingComplimentary noun or adjective. Davepartner is a hard workercharacteristic and Nickpartner isn’t scared to do whatever it takes. These are two guys I can count oncharacteristic. After 2 weeks together, I knew we complemented each other in all the right ways to make Funkhaus something specialreason.

It’s weirdsuperlative that it’s now 10 years later, I’m working remote in CroatiaCurrent location eating Mediterranean foodlast food you ate, listening to Crickets at sunsetlast song you listened to and we are celebrating this milestone. I feel very luckyadjective.

If someone had showed me a crystal ball when I was just a young high school kid hacking computerstype of teenager in Australiahometown that I would one day co-run a digital agency based in LA, working with the best creatives in Hollywoodadjective, I would have hopped in my Lada Nivafirst car and driven as fast as I could into the future.

And now that I’m here, reviewing someone else’s codefavorite part of job on several projects, I’m so glad that I didn’t become a pro basketball player (lol)job you wanted as a kid. I’d like to shoutout my Mum and Dad for inspiring me and paying for fancy schools that probably didn’t do anythinginfluential person, Mexican food and milkshakesfavorite arts district lunch spot , and the internet for allowing me to avoid manual laborsoftware/app you use often . I’m excited to see where the next 10 years take us. I hope they are filled with less stress, faster planes, and cars that drive themselvesWhat you want the future to flow with , and talented individuals who motivate me to keep Funkhaus prospering, in the name of Demystifying Creative, year after year.