Funkhaus Mad Libs with Nick Dies

Funkhaus Partner and Partnerships Director Nick Dies fills in the blanks on the last 10 years.

Funkhaus Mad Libs with Nick Dies

November 24, 2021

What’s up! My name is Nick DiesNoun and I am Partnerships DirectorJob Title at Funkhaus. It’s really exciting to be celebrating our 10 year anniversary, honoring the hard work, creativity, the wild rideNoun, and good times we’ve had over the past decade. Especially 2014 & 2021Year; it was my favorite year at Funkhaus because In 2014, I was introduced to Mexico City for the first time by our clients, and forever friends, The Lift, and now because the future is bright…and I’m going back to Mexico City as the first post-pandemic international trip!Reason

The 2021 era of Funkhaus is certainly a testament to the talented people we surround ourselves with, and I love being in the office with everyone because I feel like we can solve anything when we put our heads togetherReason. But arriving at this milestone is also an ever-evolving, andadjectivenever-totally-complete realization of a vision I had back in the day with Davepartner and Drewpartner .

It all started when we met at some (cloudy memory) party that may haveplace you first met had live music(??) and/or at the old Caviar office. I remember thinking, hot damn! These guys are doing shit that I want to be a part ofComplimentary noun or adjective. Davepartner is a design legend who makes everything cooler with the stroke of his styluscharacteristic and Drewpartner is a really talented tech guy that’s not a tech-type guy and also does a bunch of other cool shit really wellcharacteristic. After we did a little bit of a test run workingverb together, I knew I wanted to start a company with them.

It’s surprisingsuperlative that it’s now 10 years later, I’m sitting in our third Arts District officeCurrent location eating a “Glendale” sandwich from our boy Tommy at Breadlamlast food you ate, listening to Looking Glass by Little Dragonlast song you listened to, and we are celebrating this milestone. I feel very humbledadjective.

If someone had showed me a crystal ball when I was just a young Speech-and-debate-art-history-fan-social-butterfly-nerdtype of teenager growing up in Silver Lake (big up SLBB)hometown that I would one day co-run a digital agency based in LA, working with World-renowned, trend-creatingadjective clients, I would have hopped in my 1987 Honda Accordfirst car and driven as fast as I could into the future.

And now that I’m here, doing Solving challenging creative problems for Clients that trust us as true partnersfavorite part of job, I’m so glad that I didn’t become a lawyer or art auctioneer (perhaps side gig?)job you wanted as a kid. I’d like to shoutout Grandpa Pop Pop for telling me confident tall talesinfluential person, The sausage platters at the Red Lionfavorite arts district lunch spot, and Mac Mail, Browser Mail, Mac Mail, Spotifysoftware/app you use often for being there for me each and every day. I’m excited to see where the next 10 years take us. I hope they are filled with more learning together, surmounted Challenges, new celebrated frontiersWhat you want the future to flow with, and talented individuals who motivate me to keep Funkhaus prospering, in the name of Demystifying Creative, year after year.