The Art of Design Translation

While perusing, scrolling, and reading around the web recently, we came across a sentiment about and definition of design that stuck with us: Design is bridging the gap between information and understanding.

The Art of Design Translation

Thoughts September 04, 2019

Funkhaus Partner and Head of Client Services Nick Dies says someone smart once said, “Design is bridging the gap between information and understanding.”We agree.

Design in any form has the uncanny ability to communicate and represent a thought, feeling, and story that we may not even be able to articulate with words, whether it be a graphic that graces a museum wall, detailed interiors that enliven a room, or, in our case, the entirety of a brand that comes to life through a website and beyond.

When we design a website, craft strategy, implement a content program, and program the digital interface, we’re not just creating something that looks great and works well—we’re making a space that strategically solves creative problems for clients. In many cases, that means bridging the gap between information and understanding.

Design gives us the ability to deliver a single solution that addresses a number of factors. When we create a brand strategy that speaks to a client’s business goals and core differentiators, design will filter pertinent findings and points of communication into the website seamlessly.

Take, for example, our work for the Moving Picture Company and 3am—two clients that were in need of websites that could turn an influx of information into an understandable experience. For 3am, this meant crafting an about page that broke down the who, what, where, and why in a manner that was aesthetically pleasing and entirely true to who they are.

With MPC, we created a site that highlights all of their work and long-lasting industry presence, bringing together different company components and projects into one singular website that comes to life with dynamic navigation, intuitive sharing and sales capabilities, and so much more.

We worked with Swell Creative Group to create a website that captured the ins and outs of what they do in advocacy. We wanted users to understand the relevance and enorminity of Swell’s work from the moment they hit the page. With a homepage that features a rapid-fire loop of hero images that tap into their social and political views or interests to typeface that is straight-forward and direct, every feature tells their story in an exciting and lively manner.

The same goes for Imagine Entertainment . With decades of experience in the entertainment industry, Imagine needed a space on their website to share their legacy with the world. Rather than use blocks of texts or create convoluted pages, we made a timeline that gives users the ability to soak in years of content.

From interactive features that cater to user flow to personality-driven pages that tell a deeper story, design amplifies our communicative abilities time and time again. Shoot us a line and we’ll show you how.