The Power of Newsletters & Why Your Brand Should Write Them

A pillar of every holistic content marketing program.

The Power of Newsletters & Why Your Brand Should Write Them

Thoughts May 29, 2020

Funkhaus builds connections, and the content programs we design for our clients are the most evident demonstration of this. While every program is customized to hit unique goalsets, all programs are crafted with the intent to strengthen the relationships between a brand and its audience.

We recommend a holistic approach to content marketing, as there are unique values particular to each platform. Blogs are optimal for brands to tell their stories, control the narrative, and increase their SEO value. Social media is a pillar of brand discovery, content sharing, and data collecting. And while social channels can seem to be cornerstones for audience engagement, those platforms are owned by businesses in pursuit of their own goals. With revolving algorithms dictating what content is served to who, and when, social channels are unreliable. If social media suddenly disappeared, how would you reach your audience? How would you even know who to reach? 

For a brand to own their relationship with their audience, email marketing provides the most reliable and direct line of communication to reach the people who have demonstrated interest in your work. Consider the exchange that leads to receiving an email address. You released a music video or a docuseries, and in turn it compelled someone to want to keep up with you in the future. Disclosing an email address conveys an interest to deepen the relationship. We believe engaging, value-driven newsletters sent on a regular basis are the best way to optimize this communication.

Think about a recent newsletter you opened, and consider why you opened it. Now think about a recently received newsletter that you deleted before opening. Consider why you trashed it.

Opening or deleting a piece of emailed marketing can be entirely influenced by a brand’s history of delivering engagement content, or the subject line. You want the community to get excited when your email shows up in their inbox, and then you need the content to support the excitement.

Every newsletter must have a purpose, a defined value justifying the send. The stronger the values are, the less likely it is for the recipients to click Unsubscribe. Newsletter design and layout should be as purposeful and thoughtfully executed as the content being delivered. Funkhaus uses Mailchimp, which allows you to flex up design capabilities, curate emails lists, and it complies with FCC Spam laws.

A quality newsletter has the power to elevate any content marketing program. One of the most fruitful benefits we see for our clients who regularly send newsletters is the wealth of data that they allow us to harvest. The insight into a user’s journey can influence every marketing channel utilized within a content program. If you are interested in learning more about how a newsletter can service your brand, give us a shout.