The Value in Knowing Your Brand’s Values

Reflecting on our values in light of the COVID-19 quarantine.

The Value in Knowing Your Brand’s Values

Thoughts March 30, 2020

Oh what strange days we are in. Working remotely, eau du clorox wafting through the house, getting our thrills from finding edge puzzle pieces and reading quippy slack threads.

Living through a global pandemic is unchartered territory for all of us. It’s scary and sad and frankly, disorienting. We have a diverse office here at Funkhaus, but this Covid-19 quarantine still feels unprecedented to every one of us. The upheaval has inspired contemplation and self-reflection, time to take inventory and flex our creative problem-solving skills. Here’s one key nugget that arose: knowing the values that define your brand is a precious seatbelt when forced to navigate the twists and turns that come with such grand-scale disruptions.

Part of our process when we help clients define their brand strategy and positioning involves creating a brand ethos guide. It’s a tactful resource that identifies a brand’s core tenets, including the values that concretize the people and work that make up a company. We lay this foundation early on in our process so that the following steps (defining voice and tone, internal manifesto and external positioning statement, content strategy and channel implementation, etc.) are authentic and aligned. We have seen the rewards of this process pay off for clients time after time.

We have also applied the same steps to identify the core tenets that define Funkhaus, and here’s the thing - the documentation has proven its value now more than ever. From adjusting to our physical segmentations, to advising clients through pivots in their content marketing strategies, knowing what we stand on and for has been a grounding and guiding resource during such a volatile time.

Though it’s a practical application we didn’t see coming, here are some of the internal values and philosophies we have been leaning on:

Process powers and empowers.

Funkhaus exists to solve complex creative problems for clients through refined process, borne from an environment of exploration and entrepreneurial spirit.

Be real to each other and clients.

We don’t oversell for our benefit and we work with clients as partners. They trust us, and we trust one another. We know that trust takes time, and here it’s built and maintained through a culture rooted in the simple fact that we are people beyond the work.

Own it individually, own it collectively.

Be proactive and lean into the entrepreneurial spirit within. Voice ideas and raise flags. Push projects to the finish line proudly and completely.

Stronger through collaboration.

We can solve anything if we bring the brain trust together; if we talk to one another, learn from one another. Take informed risks. Embrace what you don’t know. Tap into the wealth of knowledge that’s all around. Work together. It’s what makes us better people, and what makes a better product.
We work with clients within a model of transparency and collaboration; illuminating and creating systems that lead to solutions. No smoke and mirrors, no bullshit.

We often say “we’re all in this room together”. Literally (under normal circumstances) and figuratively (especially right now), it’s our truth. Teamwork is fundamental to our agency, and as we continue figuring out how to get through the quarantine with our spirits and unity intact, our experience thus far has evidenced that a shared foundation of core principles keeps it tight and keeps it right. If you feel inspired to talk about your brand, give us a shout. Otherwise, we wish everyone good health during these challenging times.