3AM was founded by Ridley Scott, Alison Temple, Nick Temple, and Jules Daly to meet the marketing needs of filmmakers in a rapidly evolving industry. A venture between RSA and Wild Card, the outside-the-box thinkers at 3AM create unique content by bringing together talent across film, advertising, and branded entertainment. Having already built the website for RSA, Funkhaus had a solid understanding of the Ridley Scott family of brands and set out to give 3AM an online presence of its own.

As this was the first website for 3AM, it presented a moment for the company to define themselves. We set out to give them their own clear identity while also nodding back to their sister companies.

The biggest challenge with this task was that 3AM is not at all a traditional production company. 3AM is tapped during film productions to concept and execute innovative marketing strategies that support their feature releases. Remember all of those prologue films for ‘The Martian’ that included brand partnerships with Under Armour and a VR experience? That was 3AM’s brilliant work at play. We needed to create a home for all these different types of ventures, from the simple to the elaborate.

The end result is a clean site with subtle movements and animations. Each and every piece of the site was weighed heavily before moving forward, which helped keep the design minimal and crisp. This project leaned on programming to breathe life into it while still maintaining its simplicity. The navigation and quick transitions employed are truly simple, allowing the work to speak for itself.