Black Dog


Formed in 1991 by Jake Scott, Black Dog Films is the music video division of the RSA family with offices in London and Los Angeles. Through cultivating a cross-genre roster of talent, they have moved beyond music into documentary, art, fashion, and photography projects.

“Funkhaus was by far the most creative team we interviewed for the job. They immediately understood the direction we wanted to go and brought a fresh perspective to the brand.”

The main directive for Black Dog was to create a website that would reflect its parent company’s prestigious brand, but also function independently. Considering the music video division as the younger-and-hipper child to RSA, we developed a color palette and fonts to support their existing logo and formally establish the identity. We landed on the font “Rockwell,” taken from classic eye-reading charts, which has great personality but is still clean and legible even at a very small weight.

The sheer amount of work and the number of directors provided another challenge, as well as the vast differences in content across offices. We solved this problem with a regional IP detect, that allows the company to curate the US and UK’s work and rosters independently. A quick-access menu on every director’s page allows the viewer to navigate easily between talent across the website, and gives each office the flexibility to share news that is uniquely relevant to their region.

The site is a dark and neo-gothic experience, with an imperfect, hand-drawn logo to top it off. The design takes a backseat to the work, which is as it should be, and harmonizes well into the tryptic that is RSA, Scott Free, and Black Dog Films.

“Team Funkhaus was exceptional – extremely accessible with great attention to detail, collaborative and creatively inspiring.”


Our longstanding relationship with Black Dog gave us a unique intimacy with their directors and breadth of work, not to mention the edgy, rebellious ethos of their brand behavior. With that in mind, we began adapting that persona into the editorial tone of the site.

Our team developed a strategy around crafting exclusive blog content, with complimentary social updates that speak to their work and coveted company culture. Paired with a newsletter that engages with directors, labels, and trade publications alike, we’ve grown the audience and ensured their website always looks as good as it did the day it launched.