Carbon VFX


When it comes to the world of visual storytelling, Carbon redefines what it means to bring a project to life. From the initial concept to the final product—utilizing anything from animation to eye-catching VFX—Carbon works to transcend the expectations of communication and creation.

Carbon has quite a packed wheelhouse when it comes to capabilities and array of work. Shying away from the typical grid system, we organized the work in an asymmetrical structure that maintains balance, yet feels random and interesting. We also wanted to focus on ease and efficiency by utilizing a filter that makes it incredibly simple for users to navigate the work on the website.

From the moment users land on the site, they’re brought into the world of Carbon—one that is highly entertaining and incredibly visual—with an introduction video that speaks directly to the nature of the brand. Micro- movements continue to bring the site to life, while the technology gives Carbon the tools to control everything from hover state colors to the highly flexible layouts. The site is smart and robust in showcasing content, quality work, and the process of how the visual masterminds at Carbon create the work that they do.