Rebranding a heroic force for impact on a global scale

CORE Rebranding a heroic force for impact on a global scale

The Brief

In a matter of hours following the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Sean Penn mobilized a powerful network of doctors, emergency workers, and government officials to mitigate the disaster. This swift action led to the creation of his relief organization, named J/P HRO. The name and brand was rooted in the organization’s beginnings, but it was no longer capturing the totality of their story when they approached Funkhaus for a complete repositioning.

Our Role

Naming, Identity, Digital, Content


Naming & Positioning

The evolution of J/P HRO to CORE

As the organization's efforts grew beyond Haiti, they were in need of an identity that could evolve alongside. Drawn from a special-ops attitude that powers the organization, as well as their ability to immerse themselves as local empathetic partners, we focused on a name that was tactical and reflective of an ethos so clearly at work: CORE - Community Organized Relief Effort.  

Brand Identity & Design

A symbol that speaks to a holistic approach 

CORE’s design and color palette was based largely on classic institutional design that you’d see in public-works organizations. With a definitive departure from blue to green and black, their new brand colors spoke to a reinvigorated identity while the logo’s infinity symbol captured CORE’s holistic approach that focuses on the power of being both reactive and proactive and empowering the ability to act before and beyond a disaster.

Website Design

Sharing the totality of CORE’s efforts and initiatives 

It was important to create a platform that allowed for the team to transfer their knowledge, experience, and greater vision that not only focuses on disaster relief, but also on disaster preparedness. The website makes it easy for visitors to learn more about CORE’s efforts and innovative approach to disaster mitigation in a cohesive and digestible manner while illuminating the spirit that pushes them forward.