The Directors Bureau


Founded by Roman Coppola, with directors like Wes Anderson, Sofia Coppola, and Geoff McFetridge, The Directors Bureau is a rare, offbeat member of the commercial production world.

We were excited to engage in a true creative collaboration with The Directors Bureau from the beginning. They had a vision for what they wanted: a website that retained some elements of their past branding using old FBI files and dossiers, but still made sense in digital form.

We designed and developed a website that is modeled after an early Linux computer operating system. Given that many users might not recall how to use Linux, we were challenged from a technical standpoint to build something as user-friendly as possible, while still remaining loyal to the original concept. As you navigate through the site, it tracks your history right on the page, effectively creating a historical archive of your browsing session. Scroll back up and you have your ticker-tape of everything you’ve seen on the site.

Stylistically, we adopted aspects of the FBI collateral references by creating a section for surveillance footage and areas with redacted text. Hover over any of the “redacted” information to reveal news article titles and other corresponding information.

We’ve built some easter eggs into the site. Click the “?” in the bottom right corner of the site to see a glossary of possible search queries to explore.