Farm League


The best way to introduce Farm League is to go straight to their name and the meaning behind it, big league talent, farm league charm—Farm League. It’s as simple as it is true, and it is the essence of the creative minds behind their company—one where seasoned vets, unafraid to get dirty and give it all they got, come together to share and tell great stories. Because whether it’s lively, original work or a stunning brand campaign, Farm League consistently strives to bring out the very best in creative, production, and post-production power.

Funkhaus and Farm League go way back-6 years to be exact since we built their first digital face—and a lot can happen in that amount of time. We wanted to create a new website that would reflect the evolution of Farm League as a company and utilized the new technology at our fingertips today, showcasing their personality, and expertise, as well as their impressive creative roster.

Farm League has a number of logos in their brand arsenal. We used our favorite marks for different sections, finding a way to leverage the multiple elements to create playful variance across the site. The team landing page, which houses all of the directors, photographers and executive producers, meshes creativity with utility by featuring a dynamic hover state for each director’s name that simultaneously displays every name in the viewport.

Farm League is anything but static and stagnant, and their revamped site reflects that notion. With quirky, personal brand messaging, a digital storefront to buy Farm League swag, and highly flexible layouts to display their work, it’s a site that fits Farm League like a glove.