Hinterland is a hip, polished restaurant with a New York sensibility done by Select Hospitality & Design, whose history includes opening restaurants in Manhattan and Williamsburg.


The team sought to set themselves apart in a neighborhood saturated with surf-influenced and Americana design.



Hinterlands are the regions beyond a port or harbor, traditionally considered by sailors to be lands that are untamed, wild, and adventurous. We researched botany illustrations, topographical maps, and uncovered historical accounts of exploration like this one:

“The forest sits just behind the sea, thick and grey. A stream has cut a path through the thick forest curtain. Burying my fear deep inside, I ventured into the woods with a fishing pole, and a knife. I followed the stream through moss covered trees larger than a ship.”


We took a multi-regional approach to their menu to craft The Five States of the Hinterland. The logo organically separates into five states of its own, while still maintaining an invisible line of direction for legibility.

Though non-traditional, the mark is contemporary in its cleanliness, allowing us to lay it atop color-saturated background illustrations pulled during our research phase on the menu design. The folding menu presents the patron with starter options first, unfolding to reveal the course options to follow.



“It was a pleasure to watch how Funkhaus transformed our original ideas into something unique, adventurous and unexpected and, in the end, created an identity for us in which we can now see both our vision and their beautiful interpretation.”