ICM Partners


Backed by more than forty years of expertise in representation and a true passion for taking talent to new heights, ICM Partners is a big four talent agency that is consistently pushing the pulse of the industry. Image is paramount in the entertainment industry, yet they were lacking an online imprint that was representative of their true clout. It was our job to create a digital ecosystem that showcased the power of ICM Partners to the world.

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Defining the ICM Partners DNA

Before diving into the website redesign, we embarked on an extensive discovery phase where we interviewed key stakeholders across the company. There were disparate takeaways from one department to the next, but through countless interviews we identified a singular point that united the agency as a whole: ICM is in the people business. We articulated a brand ethos around this sentiment and developed a central brand narrative that guided our creative process and informed our larger strategy as ICM’s digital partner.

Art Direction, Brand Identity & Design

A digital experience that makes corporate cool

Working as both a recruiting and visibility tool, ICM’s website needed to communicate both their legacy and modern footprint in talent representation while clearly speaking to the unique factors that make up the who, what, and why. In an industry where digital platforms are largely devoid of an artistic point of view, we were eager to evolve the paradigm and take a point of view. We refined ICM’s brand with a buttoned-up color scheme and a central font that plays homage to classic Hollywood, marrying it with a more youthful typeface to bridge prestige with approachability.

Content Strategy & Copywriting

Strategic storytelling across all touchpoints

From the moment visitors land on the website they’re greeted with a powerful tagline that captures the essence of the brand—one of the many products of the internal values, voice and tone, and content strategy we developed for the brand. We carried this through the entirety of the site, working with every department to expertly communicate what they do in a manner that solved for specific wants and needs.

Editorial Production & Social Media Strategy

A centralized, cohesive content program for
an agency giant

Our digital partnership is cemented in a robust content program that takes an entire agency’s worth of news and funnels it into a centralized ecosystem. We transformed their social media footprint, creating Instagram templates and an editorial roadmap that captures the latest and greatest of ICM in a fashion that’s only fitting for one of the big four. We continue to run the content marketing program for ICM today as their digital partner across all touchpoints.