Lost Planet


Helmed by famed editor Hank Corwin, (The Big Short, The Tree of Life, Natural Born Killers) Lost Planet has been a longstanding innovator in the editing world. Corwin and his partners run their company differently, focusing on their work, growing talent from within, and always taking an outsider’s perspective to their approach.

Lost Planet’s unique attitude was reflected in their existing website when they approached Funkhaus, characterized by hand-written scrawl and a freaky flash-based experimental video section. They needed a modernized site that worked cross-browser as a functional sales tool, yet also retained this singular company personality that is so important to their prestige.

Taking inspiration from the existing site, we used Hank’s hand-written script throughout the site as a nod to their legacy brand. We were given free reign to experiment with fairly avante-garde CSS loading effects. The viewer will find that the homepage images morph along with the movement of their mouse, images preload with TV static, and text will glitch uncontrollably.

In an unconventional approach to showcasing a roster of filmmaking talent, Lost Planet presents their creatives’ work all together at once on their roster page, demonstrating their commitment to cultivating young talent by showcasing their work alongside the proven names of their quiver.