Moxie Pictures


A powerhouse in the commercial production industry with a pedigree that stretches back 25 years, Moxie Pictures had a website that felt like an old house; one where the occupants had outgrown it. We wanted to give the company a platform that could put them at the front of the pack and shoulder-to-shoulder with the elites of an industry that Moxie had done so much to inspire.

The old site had a lot of moving parts with copious subsections that left it feeling cluttered. Our task was to break down the user flow and find a smart way to silo the work into the least amount of sections, creating a seamless progression when navigating from one to the next.

The challenge for us was being faced with a plethora of “too good” by our client: they simply had so many fantastic projects to feature alongside bios, credits, and descriptions, that we had to make a concerted effort not to fall into the trap of designing a clunky or bogged down space to incorporate it all. Our solve was to build in “hidden panels” on the left and right of each detail page that allowed us to hide large amounts of copy, but could easily take over the page when clicked.

The new site is an exercise in efficient design. The black-and-white palette and symmetrical grids offer up an incredible amount of content with quick, interesting movements set in an elegant framework.

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The news section of the previous site utilized an endless scroll of headlines that navigated users off-site to articles and press around their various projects. While of course we want to celebrate all the fantastic accolades of our clients, our goal is always to provide for a robust blog that can incorporate third party coverage but maintain consistent, on-brand messaging through original copy. With so much amazing work, and a roster of world class talent, we created a content program that allowed for a deeper-dive into news surrounding awards, announcements, new talent, and recent work. We continue to produce content and supplemental newsletter sends, along with a supportive strategy to push news across all relevant social channels.