Political Playlist

Launching a platform to educate on the next generation of political leaders

Political Playlist Launching a platform to educate on the next generation of political leaders

The Brief

The founders of Political Playlist approached Funkhaus with a big idea: envision a website that would promote the next generation of political leaders. Together, we created a content-rich, consumer-facing platform that automates personalized newsletter campaigns to their growing user base.

Our Role

Strategy, Digital



Website Design

From Zero to Platform

When we first started discussions with the founders of Political Playlist, they had a loose idea of what they wanted their product to be but didn't know what was technically possible. With a small founding team, it was also important that the site be built in a sustainable way for them to manage. Through early discovery sessions and iterative wireframing, we created a framework for how their service would function, and then moved into making it speak the right design language for their audience.

As with any site that asks a user to sign-up or share personal information, our challenge was to quickly and efficiently message the big idea of the project and then get into the onboarding flow quickly. After that, it becomes a retention exercise, keeping the interaction engaging and fun through design, playful illustrations, and encouraging copy.

The structure of the questions have to distill the user’s demographics and political preferences through as few questions as possible while providing us enough actionable data to algorithmically serve up a customized “playlist,” sent out every two weeks in a personalized newsletter.

The playlists have been going out since the website launched in October 2020, and it feels good that we could apply our expertise to bring an idea to life that has the potential to impact the way, and the why, people engage in politics.

"One of the things that we were really impressed with and inspired us about Funkhaus was their incredibly design-forward approach. Politics is usually a very unsexy arena to enter, and they made it feel accessible. Funkhaus really invited us in and energized us on our idea."

Anthony Barkett, Co-Founder