The ultimate cannabis multimedia platform

PRØHBTD The ultimate cannabis multimedia platform

The Brief

The cannabis culture creators at PRØHBTD wanted to build an original platform that combined the video styling of Netflix, the long-form capabilities of Vice, and the e-commerce complexity of Hypebeast — and to do it on a smart tech platform that is easy to manage. We were asked to build a website that could blend design and function while providing an engaging user experience that was simultaneously simple to navigate from a content management perspective.

Our Role

Strategy, Digital


Marrying content and commerce through intuitive and elevated design 

PRØHBTD’s site needed to accommodate three things: video content, editorial features, and e-commerce. With this in mind, we worked to combine a high-end editorial aesthetic and the dynamic usability of online streaming with integrated e-commerce capabilities to deliver a site that primed users to jump from one content bucket and commerce function to the next. 

The power to share, target, buy, and engage all in one place 

It’s rare to come across a platform that effectively combines commerce and content within a singular technical build, and we worked hard to create a business tool and digital experience that fused the two together in a way that delivered a seamless experience for viewers. From instant preview and lazy load capabilities for video content, to hot points and call-outs that cohesively link commerce and content, we created a hub for cannabis culture that enables visitors to explore and engage with the world of PRØHBTD with a simple click.