Reebok Rally


Funkhaus was approached by Reebok to relaunch their women’s line to the world. This new iteration took form in a narrative-driven magazine/catalog that highlighted their Spring/Summer 2014 collection at the perfect intersection of fitness and culture. We produced the entire piece from its creative germination, naming, branding, through design, production, and publication.


Ultimately, this Magalogue should be a stand-alone piece with longevity and therefore we wanted to brand it as a magazine unto itself. Working through naming and design rounds, the name REEBOK RALLY was determined to have the proper impact we were seeking.


This is a call to collective action, and the assurance that there is inherent community and support, always. This is excitement, enthusiasm—this is yelling “hell yeah!” when you’ve just achieved your goals. This is teamwork, organization, new inspiration. This is strength and vigor ever-regenerating.


Fitness for the modern woman has become an enmeshed part of her daily routine – a priority that is important for healthy body, mind and spirit. We wanted to make a stunning piece of design that showcases the value of fitness alongside style, food, music, and art. Our aim was a new approach to fitness catalogues: let’s reach a wider audience for women and create a Magalogue that would be talked about in both fitness and cultural circles.

The content and photography are front and center, coupled with beautiful typography choices and design-forward layouts.


Collaborating with top photographers in Los Angeles, we shot and produced each photo editorial and edited every word of the publication, whether it was original content or stories sourced from influencers in wellness.