When we first met Los Angeles-based development and management company Roundhouse, the team operated under two different monikers: LocalConstruct and LC Communities, with the former serving as the development arm of the company and latter functioning as the resident-facing management company. Fractured between two different websites and a diluted brand experience for the end user, they were looking to reposition themselves as a design-minded operator that creates community, and they wanted to do it in a way that unified both businesses in a holistic manner.

A website that’s more than real estate development

With a new name and a consolidated brand story, we explored a visual identity and website aesthetic that was both elevated and simple. With a focus on storytelling and project imagery, the website enables users to engage with the stunning projects under the Roundhouse umbrella through a beautiful web interface that combines the two user pathways—that of developers and residents—into one.

Bringing two companies together into one

We started our naming process with a discovery and strategy phase where we mapped audiences and interviewed internal and external stakeholders to determine the communication strategy of the newly envisioned brand. The name needed to communicate both facets of the brand—the developer and resident angle. To do so, we honed in on a name that spoke to the elements of community and building that are so true to the brand. Commonplace within the lexicon of architecture and building while simultaneously tapping into the togetherness that comes from community, Roundhouse swiftly became the name for the new brand.

The name Roundhouse originates from a circular-shaped structure that served as societal centerpieces for centuries. The elemental concept of a circular application naturally lent itself to the strategy we configured during the rebranding and design processes. A circle forms a system of interconnectedness, where all points revolve around the same central constant. The design was therefore theoretically and visually fitting. As Roundhouse Group is known for simplifying the real estate development and rental process, they elected to keep supporting brand elements clean, legible and approachable across printed collateral and their digital experience.