Scoundrel is a biannual publication that features individuals who approach their craft with originality and celebrates the artistic and cultural interests of its publisher, Funkhaus.


We wanted to create a tangible product to distribute freely, gift to clients, and feel proud of. We established an editorial calendar and began work on interviews and feature articles with individuals who approach their craft with originality, alongside photo essays celebrating our artistic and cultural interests. Our design team created the logo and the layout, including a custom typeface for the cover treatment based off the Beaufort font. The inaugural issue featured Meredith Graves and Sang Bleu, as well as photographs from David Black, Scottie Cameron, and Fred L’Ami.

Find a preview of articles and editorials from our inaugural edition below or inquire within for a print copy.

Sang Bleu’s wunderkind waxes poetic on art and tattooing. Sang Bleu’s founder and director Maxime Buchi is a busy man. We stepped into his world and caught up with the renaissance man himself while he was tattooing a full back piece in their Los Angeles pop-up space, to chat about growing up, fitting in, fine art, and creating his own version of The Factory.

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Cutting the Cord

We hate cable companies. The only reason they exist is due to incredibly suspect laws at the local government level that basically ensure you’re getting screwed by some of the worst consumer-ranked companies in America. And the cable companies don’t give a shit because you have no option.

Oh, but you do have an option: tell them to fuck off, and cut the cord.

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Changing Environment

Story & Photos By: Fred L’Ami

Oh The Places You’ll Go

Photo Essay By: Devyn Galindo