Sesler is a Toronto and Los Angeles based management agency, representing cinematographers and production designers. Dora Sesler, president of the aptly titled company, approached us to design an elegant brand identity.


We found inspiration from Sesler’s Los Angeles headquarters, a stunning Art Deco building on the edge of Hollywood. Focusing on the heavy metal nuances, extreme forced perspectives, and sharp interior lines, we juxtaposed that concept with a regal stature gleaned from European etchings, royal coats-of-arms, and medieval tapestries.


The result is a mark centered around the “S” character framed in a simple, circled wreath. Maintaining the essence of the Art Deco movement, the logo plays on masculine and feminine. The delicate wreath set against the modern “S” works just as well on a website as it does when it is reduced to the size of a postage stamp.


We knew from the beginning that the printed execution of the brand would incorporate metallic foil stamping. Keeping this in mind, we left the color palette simple, using blacks and charcoals which, when coupled with the foil, reflect the rich Art Deco effect that is crucial to the brand.