Significant Others


Significant Others is the finishing arm to editing house Final Cut. They approached us with a nascent work portfolio and the desire to establish an identity and website that would scale alongside their business.

“We’d had a phenomenal experience working with Funkhaus on the redesign of Final Cut’s website. They were smart, insightful, creative and patient partners, and helped us to look at our business from a fresh vantage point. When it came time to launch Significant Others, Funkhaus was an obvious choice.”

With the company in an early growth stage, we created a simple digital home that would be easy to scale up in tandem with Significant Others’ evolution. The navigation is big and bold, with simple swiping movement on the homepage. A grid layout for content adapts easily and looks great with just a simple video or a long-form case study. Videos on detail pages emanate from the center and are completely responsive.


“It’s a very intense and personal journey getting to that ‘Eureka!’ moment in the design process, and we found that Funkhaus consistently delivered bold ideas as well as all the finer details of actually building a beautiful, functional identity. We walked away knowing we had found a team we could work well with on myriad challenges moving forward.”

In our discovery sessions with the Significant Others team, we gleaned a brand ethos that was confident, experienced, modern, and rooted in partnership with the creative ecosystem built by Final Cut. Our logo explorations were a distillation of this DNA, pulling in references of Peter Saville in color and form.

New Order album cover designed by Peter Saville

The O of “Others” became an element that represented the inclusiveness of the brand, a circle of creatives with shared vision and partnership. Their personality and confidence are personified in a strong unifying brand color, a subtle blue flood across all the collateral.


“The experience of collaborating with Funkhaus is always positive, frequently inspiring, occasionally challenging, and often, dare I say, fun!”