STALKR is the world leader in producing creative montages for commercials, film, and television. Using an exclusive network of international shooters as well as incredibly savvy creative researchers, they are responsible for some of the most memorable ads and montage sequences, including work in The Big Short, the title sequence of Transparent, and Nike’s “Courage.”

We wanted to create a very work-forward, stealthy site for STALKR, but at the same time deftly tell the story of what they do.

A custom map shows how many shooters are engaged on various continents and the black-on-black color palette is a nod to their “special ops” approach to tackling unique production challenges. The video player tray maintains this aesthetic with just a simple stripe of color at the bottom that is revealed on hover. All of this creates a site that is 100% on brand and allows for a navigation that is quick and easy to use.


Funkhaus went through a full brand audit with the STALKR team, uncovering the competitive differentiators in their approach and refining their messaging through that process. STALKR is a team that takes serious pride in making the impossible possible.

They consider themselves “special ops ninjas,” having built a company infrastructure that enables them to say ‘yes’ to projects others would reject; to deliver on timelines that might be considered impossible to a traditional production company.


Their attention to detail is represented in print collateral. Heavy card stock is combined with black and white foils and a bright hit of red is worked into choice areas of the materials as something unexpected.

The resulting visual identity is a sleek, powerful mark that does not require embellishment. This logo is a grown-up evolution of their previous mark. The “K” has been customized to look like a “rewind” button – a subtle wink to the core business of re-appropriating amazing video from their treasure trove of film archives.

A short while after the launch of STALKR’s website, in the throes of our ongoing content collaboration with the creative montage production company, we started to discuss the possibilities for how they could make a mark in the physical space. The executive team at STALKR wanted a beautiful, high-end branded piece that they could leave behind in meetings that could serve a functional – and delightful – purpose.

The thought process centered around the ability to meet that upscale need while creating a suite of “leave-behinds” that fit within the overarching stealthy, sleek, and understated tone of STALKR. What we landed on, and indeed what excited our designers and the principals at STALKR, was a collateral suite that included a laptop folder, postcards, a map, pins, hoodies, hats, and tote bags.

Each one of these pieces was considered in their own right, and work together to create a cohesive narrative for the brand. For the folder, we used two types of paper to achieve the perfect balance of lightweight and durable, that could fold but not crack. Keeping in mind the multi-functionality that STALKR wanted to achieve with the product, we envisioned these folders as not only holding our maps, postcards, and pins, but as something a client – or potential client – could use long after as a laptop sleeve.

With the postcards, we selected stills for print and designed one-of-a-kind cards on smooth matte black paper stock, that required us to track down a printer who could tackle the challenge of printing white ink on black paper – no small hurdle, we came to find.

The maps were printed on a matte paper with a spot gloss for the graphics. When hung up on a wall, the light hits the map in such a way as to show off the dot matrix which jumps off the metallic matte paper with a true brilliance that’s a rare quality in black-on-black materials.

On the tote bags, we chose a durable rubberized ink that shockingly becomes better with time. As the bag is washed and used the ink retains its true black, while the bag fades making the brand all the more prominent, a sneaky nod to stealthy filmmakers at STALKR.

The end result of this focused effort is a thoughtful and stunning suite. Every piece was created with the brand’s identity in mind and contains intricate details that make the item, and the company, stand out. We’re proud to showcase this work that will serve STALKR for years to come!


STALKR approached Funkhaus to holistically refresh their brand beyond the purely visual, requesting a full messaging and content overhaul from our Content division. We started honing in on their niche was in the market, and distilled a complicated and expansive business into a concise, straight-forward About section.

This tonality set the scene for the News section, written entirely by Funkhaus, which takes a deeper look at STALKR’s work, inspirations, and vast network of filmmakers; creating a space to effectively communicate their commitment to telling compelling stories through world-class creative montages.