Founded by Rebecca Skinner, Michelle Ross, and film veteran John Lesher, Superprime specializes in commercials, branded content, music videos, and film. Their roster includes the likes of Terrence Malick, Paul Thomas Anderson, and Martin Scorsese.

“Funkhaus were great partners. They were approachable and right away we felt that we were all in it together. In what were crucial and often difficult decisions, Funkhaus provided strong creative guidance and made the journey inspiring and fun.”

Superprime’s focus is creating compelling stories alongside agencies and brands, and we wanted to build them a platform on which to showcase the range of that work. The homepage is simple and elegant with fullscreen imagery. As you scroll down, type fades away so work is front-and-center.

Visuals take precedent on the site and the navigation is always a hover away at the top. Superprime’s site didn’t need flourish beyond creating a fully responsive organism that would showcase this stellar roster of filmmaking talent.


The team behind Superprime is personally invested in creating high quality, bespoke work. That central philosophy translated to the brief they gave us for a mark – they wanted a smart approach to their logo that would be elegant and also have humanity.


Choosing a classic type with approachability, we worked in the concept of super-prime numbers, a subsequence of prime numbers that begin with 3, 5 and 11. Tick marks set off this numerical sequence within the mark, and the logo becomes incredibly versatile in print, especially when pressed.


Superprime is an exercise in minimalist design and premium content. We began our conversations before the company even had a name, then, in tandem with the site’s launch, worked closely with Rebecca Skinner, Michelle Ross, and John Lesher to develop, research, and write content of substance.

The news posts, which Funkhaus’ editorial team continue to roll out, center around the company’s latest work and announcements, as well as in-depth feature interviews with their impressive directorial roster. We also support Superprime’s social media accounts, offering a continuous flow of content across channels that reflect the company’s tone and builds community.