Imagining vibrant, versatile branding for a ground-up DTC wellness brand

Superwell Imagining vibrant, versatile branding for a ground-up DTC wellness brand

The Brief

Built on the foundation of healing through nutrition and backed by years of research and development, Superwell’s goal is to offer an ever-evolving line of wellness products to add more flavor, energy, and time to your life. They looked to Funkhaus to help create their brand from scratch and to help extend it across their world — from digital to packaging to brick and mortar applications.

Our Role

Strategy, Positioning, Identity, Digital, Ecommerce

Ethos, Positioning, + Voice

Telling the story of everyday wellness

With their dedication to wellness in mind, we focused on the story that Superwell wanted to tell through their offerings: that incorporating healthy habits into your everyday life shouldn’t just be easy and sustainable, it should be joyful as well. We assessed Superwell’s target demographics and competitive landscape to carve out a novel position for them in the industry and developed guidelines to help their organic voice cut through the noise.

Logo + Identity

Representing inner beauty through beautiful design

Superwell’s mission to vitalize beauty and wellness from within inspired us to imagine a way to externally represent their internal value proposition through beautiful design. To help the brand work across applications, we engineered a playful yet diplomatic brand banner that could encompass a diversified product line and that would stand out as recognizable on a crowded shelf. Utilizing a bold, classic sans serif font and vibrant colors inspired by product ingredients, we created a versatile logo that is eye-catching, approachable, and authentic to the brand. 

Branding System, Retail, + Collateral

Unifying the brand through a recognizable and flexible system

The versatility of the logo comes into play through applications across retail spaces and collateral. We ideated a sticker system to continue to set the brand apart and further show personality across products; these instantly recognizable but interchangeable stickers alert consumers to unique properties of each product, enticing them to try for themselves. For larger brand recognition, we adapted the banner to fit different utilizations, from signage to swag, to accommodate their growing and evolving world of wellness. 

“When I began my healing journey, the things that made the biggest difference for me were all terribly branded. I wanted to figure out how to give healthy practices the modern representation they deserve, through beautiful aesthetics and bold design.”

Jeff Samuelian