The Journalist


The Journalist is a publication of the Journal Group, a cultural channel profiling art, music, style, photography, design, events, and storied places.

With several of the Journal Group properties under our design eye already, we knew the aesthetic for The Journalist needed to live cohesively within the group, while also providing an edgy visual off-set to reflect its content.

The website is a storytelling platform that is easily filtered down to properties owned by The Journal Group (The Bradbury, Two Bunch Palms, The Hollywood Roosevelt, The Park Plaza), or various other categories including happenings, film, interviews, nightlife, music, and more.

The site encourages the viewer to dive in and read more, with an automatic infinite scroll that transitions into the next article just after one has finished reading the first.


The Journal Group wanted to offer what has quickly become the hottest amenity in the hotel hospitality game, a branded digital publication.

More than a simple blog, The Journalist had to be a hub and cultural nexus for the Journal Group, representative of the interests and vision of the founding team. The platform features interviews with influencers and employees, in-the-know news revolving around events at the various properties, and cultural happenings in cities they occupy. Teller is informative to its readers in a peek-behind-the-curtain kind of way, concerned more with the details behind the details than the story in the spotlight.

Funkhaus runs The Journalist front to back, from writing, to story creation, to interviews, to photography. We’re proud partners in delivering a robust periodical for the Journal Group that we envision eventually taking on a printed form for placement in their properties and beyond.