Two Bunch Palms


As with all Journal Hotel Group’s properties, Two Bunch Palms Spa and Hotel has a long and storied past. The unique property is undergoing a massive two-year renovation and part of that new direction included a fresh digital face to showcase the reinvention of this Desert Hot Springs icon.

After designing the site for The Hollywood Roosevelt, we were thrilled to tackle another Journal Group Property in Two Bunch Palms. The old site mimicked the feel of an aging hotel and client base and we set out to bring new life to the digital presence to attract a fresh, young crowd to Desert Hot Springs destination.

This historic spot is eclectic and vast and we needed to create a site that could hold all of its amenities, from rooms and pools to the spa and restaurant. To accomplish this, we added breathing room on the site and kept the illustrations fun, yet simple at the same time.

The result is a space that pulls from the aesthetic of the hotel’s location and legendary healing hot springs. It has a balance of quirk and cleanliness that was necessary for its functionality and identity. The website comes alive with motion as you move through it, mimicking the water that flows through the hotel’s baths and spas. The design is flexible and can adapt as the hotel changes, allowing it to stay modern and relevant throughout time.

We sketched a myriad of different options, all in different styles, from Japanese brush to watercolor. The final result allowed us to break out of our normal conventions in logo design, moving into the illustrative flow of pen and ink, paint and brush. The deep blues and organic lines of the mark stand in balanced contrast to the stark typeface of the logo, creating a unique and timeless identity.

When the Journal team came to us to refresh Two Bunch Palms’ aging mark and logo, we saw the potential to not only update design, but create something that could last for decades. Our initial thought was to simply refine and modernize their existing iconic palm tree logo. However, after going through the exercise of modifying the mark, we realized that like the physical redesign of the property, we needed to take a more comprehensive approach and start from scratch.

With a vast renovation and reimagining of the property underway, we took the opportunity to work with the architects and interior designers, gaining insight from color palettes and key pieces they were including in their designs to inform our work.

We wanted something that would complement the ethereal, bohemian chic elements of the new interiors, but could feel hand-drawn and organic. Special importance was placed on a couple of natural elements that tied back to the roots of the property: water for Two Bunch Palms’ healing hot springs and the palm frond, which needed to be just a touch off-kilter to reflect the eclectic feel of the hotel.