What Youth


What Youth are a group of passionate surfer-business folk on a mission to relay that prized culture into a digital and print magazine available to the masses.

Constantly producing new content, whether articles or signature video content, What Youth was in urgent need of a website better-suited to house it all; a site that could reflect the design elements of their print magazine, but function uniquely as an online destination. We created a site that optimized white space and embraced minimalism to deliver well-curated, diverse content.

Hover menus highlight the gamut of What Youth original content, from dynamic original surf photography to new films every week, in addition to their recommended selections from around the web. Advanced search functions based on keyword tags and content allow for live-type responses.

We worked carefully to integrate advertising without creating an overwhelming experience for the user. The site has the capability to house banner ads and pre-roll in front of every video that are easily tracked and analyzed for advertisers.