Approachability and prestige for a top-tier consulting firm

Actionist Approachability and prestige for a top-tier consulting firm

The Brief

Business consulting firm Actionist came to us fresh from a renaming process, ready for an updated brand identity and website to tell their new story. To represent who they are as a firm — prestigious yet approachable, modern, and vibrant — we designed a vibrant brand mark, a sleek new site, and constructed a visual language framework that will anchor their position within the industry for years to come.

Our Role

Identity, Digital


Brand Identity

Representing professional capabilities through dynamic design

Actionist offers their clients solutions built exactly to meet their needs, and we took inspiration from this to create their new logomark: a simplified architectural buttress that represents the support they offer clients, as well as the process they create to do so.

The mark is a standalone element that can be used throughout all of their brand materials, including collateral and web.

"Funkhaus' approach reminded us of how we like to work with clients: highly collaborative and with a healthy balance of listening and asserting new ideas."

David Ascher, Managing Partner

We combined their new mark with a clean, modern sans serif logotype, as well as with regal and vibrant colors, like burnt orange and plum, to keep their identity appropriate for their industry while nodding to their unique, contemporary outlook. 

Website Design 

A modern digital space within a traditional industry

Actionist’s new site evokes their youthful, forward-thinking energy while offering future clients and prospective employees a look at their company culture, their people, and how they approach their work. Subtle movement throughout the site nods to Actionist’s agile and flexible nature, while sleek and modern execution points to the firm’s established skill and status.

"It was important that Funkhaus tuned in to our direction about tone and style, as we know the preferences and mindsets of our clients and talent prospects. But they then did a great job of introducing new ideas outside the context of our industry and competition and injecting elements of novelty, surprise, and fun that were still compatible with our vision and our audience.”

David Ascher, Managing Partner

Creative Direction

A framework for visual language that reveals the humanity behind the brand 

To make sure their energy and aptitude for collaboration were apparent to potential clients, we offered Actionist creative direction on their new site’s visual language, including updated team headshots that allow just enough creativity and personality to shine through.

In addition to coordinating photoshoots to collect bespoke materials ahead of site launch, we mapped out creative guidelines to help them select the right visuals to match the tone of their brand and keep their visual language cohesive and ownable into the future.