Executive producer Kerstin Emhoff and director Paul Hunter started PRETTYBIRD to develop versatile cross-genre film work as a response to the ever-evolving media landscape. As a long-term partner, they came back to us when they wanted to take their online presence in a revolutionary new direction.

“Having worked with the Funkhaus team on our previous website with such great results, we had no hesitation reaching out to them when we decided it was time for a complete rebuild. Their team has always taken head-on the creative and technical challenges that we’ve thrown their way, and their understanding and eye for design has always felt like a natural fit with our brand.”

Enjoying a strong comfort level with PRETTYBIRD as a longtime collaborator, we knew that we had a great opportunity to create something truly unique in the space. Their portfolio is a great inspiration, ranging from the subtle humor of the Blake Griffin Kia Commercials to the in-your-face gonzo longform of Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show to the visually arresting experimental work of Marshmallow Laser Feast.

The focus for the second version of the PRETTYBIRD site was to think of the platform as a destination for news in the industry. We built a newsfeed on the homepage, designed with bold and engaging imagery from PRETTYBIRD’s incredible roster of over 60 creatives and several departments.

PRETTYBIRD wanted their online content to be a collaborative experience, and one that reflected all the personalities of their roster. They had grown tired of the same old production company reel-based model, and wanted to move past the traditional linear reel. We built them a new model wherein the most current project – whether an Instagram post, director side project, or PRETTYBIRD-produced work – is featured first.

The homepage becomes a dashboard for temporal content, reflected from the directors’ own social channels so their unique voices are never diluted. We coupled this intense presentation of content with an incredibly intuitive navigation – all sections are compartmentalized in a manner where the user can understand it in one quick glance.

“Since day one, Funkhaus has been a trusted, reliable creative partner of PRETTYBIRD who not only listen to our needs and wants, but are genuinely passionate about each project and bring real solutions to the table that we would never have thought of. Plus, they’re a cool group, so there’s that too.”