Capturing the spirit of artist collaboration through experimental web

Adidas Capturing the spirit of artist collaboration through experimental web

The Brief

Adidas has long been a cultural tastemaker beyond shoes, investing in programs that extend their brand into creative worlds where they inspire new ambassadors and customers. Music has always been one of those worlds. In 2019, they wondered what would happen if fifty or even one hundred artists and producers got together in one place to make music? They did just that, bringing together a diverse group of musicians to live for a week at the famous Paramour Estate in LA. The resulting collection of songs is a beautiful product of this cross-genre-pollination, and our friends at Yours Truly Creative, who were helming the direction of the project, looked to Funkhaus to memorialize this experience on the web.

Our Role

Strategy, Digital


Website Design

Music Appreciation through UI

We were given free rein to create a showpiece website that would function as a virtual representation of the music - multiple inputs coming together as one. We created a diptych music player paired with a dual-cursor that randomizes image combinations as a user listens to a track, effectively auto-art directing a background vibe to the audio experience.

The selected imagery is color-matched through an algorithm and then played in a tonal timeline for the audience to sit back and enjoy the album.

Knowing the audience

From the beginning, we knew a large segment of the audience would be on mobile, so we built the website entry-point to auto-detect when a user is on their phone. We then feed them instructions to rotate their device in order to optimize the desktop version and experience the full diptych concept in a mobile-friendly screen.