Elizabeth Taylor

Telling the story of a one-of-a-kind legend across platforms

Elizabeth Taylor Telling the story of a one-of-a-kind legend across platforms

The Brief

What does it take to create a digital presence for a legend? When it came to the Elizabeth Taylor website and content marketing program, we worked to incorporate a legacy unlike any other—one that spans a ubiquitous career in both activism and acting. Our ongoing content programming finds unique angles to connect Elizabeth’s life to present day happenings and share her legacy with a wider audience, housed on a modern site with a classic touch that anchors the past in the present with powerful imagery, an immersive timeline, and so much more.

Our Role

Digital, Content


Supporting and maintaining a legacy brand from House of Taylor

Elizabeth was an outsized personality and force for good in her lifetime, and her energy continues to inspire old and new fans alike. By pairing archival content, the Foundation's ongoing events, and products created in partnership with House of Taylor, our strategic content marketing program — composed of editorial and social channels — keeps Elizabeth's persona as a celebrity influencer active today.

Our editorial program is designed to be a celebration of her life, and set the record straight on stories that have too often been told inaccurately in the press. To do this, we utilize in-depth storytelling on the website, providing exclusive insight to longtime and new fans alike. The content we create ranges from covering new products & business opportunities to discussing key events and moments in Elizabeth’s impactful life. We optimize all content and focus on telling stories that readers are looking to engage with, which helps strengthen House of Taylor’s SEO.

Across social platforms, we build community engagement by connecting with the audience and drawing modern parallels to Elizabeth’s life. In addition to working on established accounts including Instagram, we launched House of Taylor’s TikTok account, creating edited video content specifically for this widespread platform. We work to form connections and foster relationships with fan accounts and other celebrity estates through collaborative campaigns, to engage influencers where possible to celebrate milestone events, and to promote the estate’s many projects, like the original podcast and the authorized biography.


Extending the brand to all touchpoints

In tandem with the content programming and web identity of House of Taylor, we re-launched The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation to be a hyper-clean presentation of their mission, with clear calls-to-action to get involved and donate. Executing a social media program for ETAF as well helps further familiarize viewers with the work of this vital organization and keep messaging consistent across entities.