Final Cut

An identity refresh for an editorial giant

Final Cut An identity refresh for an editorial giant

The Brief

Final Cut, the editing juggernaut with whom Funkhaus has enjoyed a longstanding relationship, approached us for an updated brand and web design that presented a grown-up version of the brand and honored their expansive legacy. The result is a timeless yet modern site and brand that can scale with them as they continue to grow.

Our Role

Positioning, Identity, Digital



Taking inspiration from photographer Henri Cartier Bresson’s concept of the “decisive moment” — an instant when elements of a situation spontaneously come together in perfect resonance — we created a confident, and humble brand mark that matches Final Cut’s approach to their craft.

Their editor cut together that perfect, decisive moment with each clip, and that use is reflected in the midst of their updated wordmark.

The new branding system is built on the typeface Maax from 205TF which is a wonderful combination of classic, Bauhaus script with surprising modern moments — perfect for a company who's been a defining creative force in advertising for 30 years and looks to continue that amazing legacy for the next 30.


Our second time working alongside Final Cut on website design led to a bold, elevated platform that allows the quality of the work and the personalities of their roster to shine. To accommodate the multiple regions in which they have established their presence, the site has a global flexibility for their teams to showcase content catered to each respective office. As before, we put the work on the pedestal and surround it with a classism in layout and motion that'll stand the test of time.⁠

Working with Funkhaus has always been a smooth and responsive experience, even as we've worked through challenges together. The shorthand we were able to develop over the years has always been a boon companion, and we have learned to push each other to create the best, most creative homes for our brands online. Their intimate knowledge of our industry has been a distinct advantage, and has enabled them to help us showcase our company and our work in the best possible light, and allowed for our clients to have the smoothest experience when visiting our home online.

Drew Baldwin, Director of Operations