Holland Partners

Strong, storied identities for design-forward properties

Holland Partners Strong, storied identities for design-forward properties

The Brief

Established real estate investment & development company Holland Partners connected with Funkhaus because they were interested in our design sensibility and our local expertise as a LA-based firm. From our initial introduction, we’ve collaborated with them to build identities for three emerging communities, also working in tandem with interior design firm Vida Design. Each property’s name, story, and logo design is infused with a sense of place and draws inspiration from the history, culture, environment, and energy of each area, resulting in cohesive and timeless branding that reflects each neighborhood’s unique DNA and appeals to each community’s unique target demographic.

Our Role

Naming, Identity

The Daphne

A classical oasis for creatives on 3rd & Fairfax

Named for the Laurel Nymph of Greek mythology, the Daphne’s moniker pays homage to the lush laurel trees that are emblematic of the area and the namesake of the canyon that feeds into the street where the property sits. Their new mark — combined with a humanistic logotype that echoes text chiseled into marble and a classic color palette — is sensual and modern, inspired by Matisse’s forms, and perfectly balanced between feminine and masculine elements.

The Paxton

Refined surf city life in Huntington Beach

Located in the original Surf City USA, Huntington Beach, The Paxton acknowledges the strong surf culture of its locale while differentiating itself from competitors and embodying effortless sophistication. With a name meaning “peaceful settlement” and a laid-back logomark that evokes an ocean breeze, the Paxton’s branding captures the upscale comfort that the community offers, with a perfect balance of beach and city life. 

The Ellery 

Subtle nautical meets updated Art Deco in Long Beach

As a catalyst for reinvention of Long Beach’s iconic Marina, The Ellery needed to have a truly modern feel. With a name meaning “joyful” and a playful yet sophisticated logotype, the building’s branding captures the serene feel of the neighborhood and the youthful energy of the tenants they hope to attract. Their logomark and indicia draw subtle inspiration from classic nautical elements and Art Deco sensibilities, while nodding to the curvatures of the building itself, whose architecture was inspired by a ship.

With established brand guidelines now in place, each Holland Partners property is able to tell a compelling story that matches the level of luxury offered in units and amenities alike, differentiates them in the market, and clearly communicates their value to potential tenants.

Cohesive marketing materials are a toolkit they can use through all stages, from pre-marketing their unique selling proposition to their community to aligning launch and post-launch promotion.