Ecommerce driven through street style storytelling

Kinfolk Ecommerce driven through street style storytelling

The Brief

Kinfolk wanted to create a digital space that could match the level of care, energy and community that is evident in their brick and mortar operation. The design had to be editorial in scope with an ecommerce experience that was fast, beautiful and future thinking. Incorporating a unique UI and the ability to link content/stories with purchasing was essential as well.

Our Role

Strategy, Digital, Ecommerce

Our Approach

Unifying divergent offerings under one online sales tool

From the start, we knew we had to manage the various facets in the company’s model, from events, to custom bike builds, to fashion and lifestyle. We aimed to unify these different arms of the company while enabling the user to seamlessly navigate through their site. Our ultimate goal with this project was to design a sales tool that encourages online purchasing that happens at the point of discovery, while one is immersed in story.


Transforming existing content into a brand new shopping experience

Our involvement from the ground floor with the art direction of Kinfolk’s initial product shots enabled us to create a site that has longform product pages with built-in content. Lookbooks were converted to digital landing pages, and customers are able to purchase product as they browse that curated experience.