Kinfolk was formed in 2008 by friends from New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. The concept of a “Kinfolk life” evolved from their desire to create products and experiences they’d dream up but couldn’t ever seem to find anywhere.

Kinfolk wanted to create a digital space that could match the level of care, energy, and community of their brick and mortar operation. The design had to be editorial in scope with an e-commerce component that was fast, beautiful, and forward-thinking, incorporating a unique user interface and the ability to link content stories with purchasing.

One of the early challenges was how to manage the various facets in the company’s model, from events, to custom bike builds, to fashion and lifestyle.

We collaborated on art direction of the initial product shots which enabled us to create a site that has longform product pages with built-in content, a new and aesthetically pleasing shopping experience.

Our programming team built a slide-out cart that doesn’t take the user away from the page, remaining fixed in the header as they scroll over the latest Kinfolk offerings. This allows users to see the gamut of Kinfolk’s products while choosing to purchase on any – or every – page of their journey.