Our Fine Friends: Floral Artist Lili Cuzor

Taking a trip with floral artist Lili Cuzor down to the Downtown LA Flower Mart is a lesson in wildflowers and in a little-known community.


Soapbox 08.2014

We love sharing our work, clients’ work, and other finds with you, but sometimes things fall between the cracks, so as our catch-all, we created our August soapbox.


Axes And Swords And Shields, Oh My!

Even with some cursory world history knowledge, you can imagine how much the face of war has changed over the past several centuries.


Welcome To The Hood, Levi’s

Well look who is joining us in the neighborhood! Levi’s opens up a Commuter Workspace just around the corner in Downtown’s Historic Core.


Moment of Zen: Throw It Back 13

Take it back thirteen years to 2001, when The Chronic came out. Or just watch this video of FUNKHAUS resident man crush Chris Pratt raps “Forgot About Dre” flawlessly. Your moment of zen.


Resolving the NCAA Shit Storm

If you’ve got a good 30 minutes to spare, we highly recommend our weekend read to you all. Published on Deadspin, journalist Andy Schwartz delves deeply into the gridlock that is plaguing the NCAA.


Client Showcase: RSA, Fine Whiskey, and Good Gentlemen

Today, RSA released our kind of short film, for Johnnie Walker Blue Label shot by Jake Scott.

wwone_ftd copy

War in Color

Did you know that World War I began a hundred years ago today? We’ve all seen countless images of the war shot in black-and-white. Some of Phil Stern’s adorn the walls of our office.

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