Funkhaus is a creative agency based in Los Angeles, California. Our clients are some of the top filmmakers, photographers, composers, designers and brands in the world.  Whether digital or analog, we consider our creations hand-made, carefully crafted and timeless. We are the Creative’s Creatives.

The Services

  • Digital
  • Interactive Design
  • WordPress Programming
  • Online Strategy
  • UX + UI Design
  • E-commerce
  • Analog
  • Brand + Identity
  • Print Design
  • Environment + Space
  • Brand Consulting
  • Package Design
  • Content
  • Content Creation
  • Brand Messaging
  • Content Strategy
  • Newsletter Production
  • Analytics Reporting

The Gents

Dave FunkhouserJack Nicholson

David Funkhouser

Creative Director / Partner

David is Creative Director / co-founder of Funkhaus. He has been at the design game (digital, print, fine art) for over 15 years, winning many accolades along the way. David hails from the south where he earned his BFA at Savannah College of Art and Design. David was also Creative Director at IOWA Interactive / Wiredrive for over 8 years where he refined his design chops. In his spare time he dabbles in government conspiracy theory and miscellaneous fine art projects in the greater Los Angeles area.

Drew BakerSteve Mcqueen

Drew Baker

Technology Director

Drew is the Technology Director of Funkhaus. His past exploits are many and include co-developing Australia’s premiere destination online for alternative sports, Pop Magazine. He is a master programmer, video producer and entrepreneur. Before starting Funkhaus with David he developed televisions shows for producer Gene Kelly. Before that he spent his time as an IT financial services administrator in New York. In the spare time he enjoys flying helicopters, basketball, and restoring his ’69 Alfa Romeo GTV.

Nicholas Scott DiesFrank Sinatra

Nicholas Scott Dies

“The Handler” / Partner

Nick is Exec. Producer and “The Handler” of all things Funkhaus. He has extensive past experience working with start-up culture and entrepreneurship, brand strategy, client services and harmonizing between business and creative brand needs. He studied International Business, Spanish and Art History at UC Berkeley. He likes connecting good people with good ideas, collecting art and curating spaces. His spare time is spent tinkering on his 1964 Chevrolet Corvair, running, cycling, whistling and shooting film.

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